Pledge: Community Service

cereal-guy-spittingI hereby pledge myself to six weeks of Alfresco Community Service!




Now, don’t get your coffee down the wrong pipe. I’m serious, let me explain why, how and see why I need your help.

First of all, some personal info. My lovely girlfriend is studying classical archeology, and got offered a great opportunity to go on an excavation in Jordan. She will be gone for six weeks, leaving on july 20 and I will miss her very much. After this, I have six weeks with nothing but work and hanging out with my friends.

I can promise you one thing: I will get bored. Quickly. Very quickly.

I will spend time with my friends, and I promise to go out and have fun, but there will be a lot of time where I can either sit on my couch and watch TV, or I could be productive!

To avoid being bored, I pledge myself to community service – and you get to decide what I work on.

Here is the setup: I have a full time job at Magenta, which will of course come first. Once I’m off work I will be working on various Alfresco projects. It will be the longest one-man-alfresco-hackathon ever.

I have some ideas about what I will be working on, but I need your suggestions. By the end of the week I will create a poll to help decide which projects I will work on.

The first thing I will be working on is the Alfresco Maven SDK. I’ve been involved in the SDK for a while now, and I helped out testing it against 5.0.a. The SDK is not quite ready for 5.0.a just yet, but it’s close. This work will be finished off before any new projects starts.

My other pet project is a true rapid development Maven archetype for Alfresco and Share. I’ve been working on this on and off for the last couple of months and it increases productivity since there will be very few restarts. I’m writing up a separate blog post about this subject.

My third pet project is the Aikau tutorial I wrote a while ago. This tutorial needs to be tested and updated to work with 5.0.a. I’ve had a few interested people tell me that they would like to see an advanced tutorial with more advanced examples.

Leave your suggestions, comments and ideas below.