Alfresco Summit 2014!

Being at the airport usually means that I’m travelling somewhere to have a few days packed with meetings for work, whether it’s Copenhagen, Nuuk (Greenland), Athens or Lisbon. This time the destination on my boarding card says “London” where I’m attending Alfresco Summit.

Business or pleasure? Both! Attending Summit does not really feel like work, it feels like a big geeky meetup. Also my girlfriend will be joining me in London after Summit ends and we’re spending the weekend there.

Here is the top thing I’m looking forward to this week:

A weekend in London with my girlfriend
My girlfriend and I have not been on a proper vacation in two years. We both need a weekend to relax and go on adventures 🙂

Meeting the bees and catching up with the community
Attending conferences is a much about networking as it is attending sessions. I look very much forward to meeting all the cool people who I talk to so much on IRC. I wanted to list the people I look forward to seeing, but the list is so long!

Drinks with the bees
On thursday The Order Of The Bee are meeting up for drinks and snacks. I really look forward to this event to chat with my fellow bees.

Back in may, I went to Brussels for the global, virtual hackathon. It was really fun and I’m really impressed with how much we can get done as a community, given a day in the same room. This year I’ll continue my work on the SDK and I hope that we can have the SDK 2.0 compatible with Alfresco 4.2.x

There’s a ton of great sessions and I hope to learn a thing or two 😉

Asking questions
Jeff wrote an excellent blog post about what we all want to hear at summit. I know a lot of the money will go to sales and marketing, but I really hope they will spend some of the money on expanding the community team. Alfresco has a huge community presence in Europe and I’d really like to see Richard get a new colleague who is based in Europe.

I hope to see you all there!