Six week pledge: A final update

I promised myself that I would be blogging a lot during the past six week about my pledge to the Alfresco community. I’m sorry that I’ve kept quiet, but I’ve been a very busy bee and working on the Alfresco SDK.

Challenge doneIt’s been a fun six weeks, and I’m proud to announce the beta release of the Alfresco SDK 2.0. I’m proud to be a part of this project and I think we’ve got some really cool features that will increase your productivity when developing with Alfresco and Share.

Besides the SDK, I’ve been on Alfresco Tech Talk Live, helped people out on the Alfresco IRC channel and helped start and form The Order of the Bee where I’m currently on the board. I have been neglecting my duties for the bees while doing the final push for the SDK, but starting from next week I’ll get more involved in the order.

I’ve been encouraged to write up a new revision of my Aikau tutorial, or perhaps even write a second tutorial on the subject with more advanced examples so I’ll start working on it in a few weeks. If you have ideas or some areas you want me to cover in-depth about Aikau please let me know.

I’m also happy to say that I’m going to Alfresco Summit in London this october. I’ll be joining the hackathon and I’ll be buzzing around with the bees.

Tutorial about the Aikau framework in Alfresco Share

A while ago I finally managed to finish my tutorial on the Aikau framework for Alfresco Share. 

If you have no idea what Aikau is all about, be sure to check out Tech Talk Live – Episode 78 where Dave Draper talks about the framework, once you’re hooked read my tutorial to get started!

This is my first tutorial. I’ve learned a lot writing it and I’ve gotten some great feedback already.

Aikau is the future of Share, so be sure to check it out: